Friday, June 5, 2020


6L Pet Bottle w/ cap - $18.00

Reusable PET bottles. The best way to clean and sanitize is to use PBW (Powered Brewery Wash)

Standard TAD Plastic Cap - $0.40
Reusable caps.
Screw cap w/ Poly Seal - $2.00
Reusable caps.
Drip Tray
Magnet on Drip Tray to keep it from falling off.

CO2 cartridges - $10.00 for a box of 10

Nitrogen - $1.30 per cartridge. For that creamy head like Guinness.

Repair Kit - $11.00
Maintenance Kit. . Download Maintanence Instructions
Note : small gasket is not needed in modified valves.

Valve Lube - $2.00
To prevent gas leakage and ensure continuous working condition of valves. .

Highly Recommended !
If you want to bring the best out of your beer while serving it in style, then the Tap-A-Draft system is your answer. After long period of trial and testing, together with continuous feedback from customers, your satisfaction is now guaranteed.


Require : Valve + Bottle + Bottle Base + Siphoning Tube + CO2 cartridges

The best miniature kegging set up in the world. The Tap-A-Draft allows you to serve any carbonated beverage with all the benefits a simple Keg System gives. The Tap-A-Draft unit is a patented beverage dispensing system that uses 8-gram CO2 cartridges regulated to 15psi to push out the carbonated beverage. The valve works in conjunction with the 6-liter bottles. The size of the system set up with a 6-liter bottle is 17” long with the widest point being 6.25”diameter. This size makes this perfect for most refrigerators, camping, parties, etc…

To serve, simply open the valve by pulling forward until beer is flowing. It is best to open the valve all the way to avoid foaming. The valve has two regulators built in that hold a constant 15 psi, to maintain a constant carbonation level. There is a built in check valve to stop the gas from going from the bottle into the valve. Also, if the pressure in the bottle ever exceeds 60psi (usually from excessive warming, or wild fermentation) the valve will open and relieve the pressure in the bottle.

Natural Carbonation – Simply prime the beer as you would for standard bottling. You can use less sugar than normally would when using bottles; 30gm of priming sugar should be sufficient for 1 bottle. Let sit with cap on for 14 days and then attach valve, refrigerate and serve. Tip: Check for air-tightness after capping by squeezing or inverting bottle. Re-tighten or replace cap whenever necessary. Keep bottles upright.

Forced Carbonation – You can force carbonate the beer or soda by using the 8-gram CO2 cartridges. Simply fill the bottle, attach the valve, insert the CO2 cartridges, and place into the refrigerator. Since the valve holds 15psi, the liquid should carbonate in about 7 days. Most of the CO2 will be absorbed into the liquid, so replace the cartridges when the beer flow slows. Usually it just requires 6cartridges (4 to carbonate, 2 to serve) when force carbonating. Tip : You can aid the rate of carbonation by shaking vigorously.

Maintanence -
1. Read maintenance kit instructions on how to prolong usage of TAD.
2. Maintain CO2 cartridge chamber with TAD Lube.
3. Wash & sanitize spout after every pour, otherwise beer could pick up contaminants resulting in slight sourness.

General - Clean with sanitizers.

Important : DO NOT store Pet Bottle on it's side in case of leakage. Do a squeeze test to ensure proper carbonation has taken place a few days after priming.

Click here for detailed information about Tap-A-Draft

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