Friday, June 5, 2020
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Cleaner & Sanitizer

Bottle Sanitizing Kit - $9

Comes with 130ml of Iodophor sanitizer and 500ml spray bottle. Prepare by cleaning bottle or equipment thoroughly with unscented detergent. Make sanitizing solution in spray bottle. Squeeze onto bottles, equipment or surfaces where you need to sanitize. This is a very handy way of making sure all equipment or bottle that come in contact with beer is free from contaiminants. Iodophor do not affect the taste of beer.

Star San, Acid Sanitizer - $10.00 (130ml)

Star San is a flavorless, odorless, no-rinse food grade sanitizer that completely eliminate all microorganisms that it comes into contact with. StarSan acts quickly (1 min), and foams to sanitize cracks, crevices and other 'impossible' places in your equipment. Star San will leave a microscopic film on sanitized items that will continue to protect your bottles and equipment even after they have dried. This will not effect the quality, flavor, clarity or color of your beer .

Direction: Clean bottle or equipment thoroughly with unscented detergent before applying Star San. Dilute 1 : 630 parts of water. Or you could a spray bottle and dilute 1/4 capful to 500ml of water. Spray onto bottles or surfaces. Allow at least 1 min contact time. Drip dry. Do not rinse. DANGER : Do not swallow. Corossive to skin and eye.

Iodophor - $6.00 (130ml) or $10.00 (250ml)

IO Star low foaming iodophor. To sanitize previously cleaned bottles. Dilute 1 part iodophor to 600 part of water. Spray or immerse bottles/equipment with fresh solution. Allow 2 min contact time then DRIP DRY. NOTE : As long as solution is amber color, there is sufficient Iodine present to sanitize. Make new solution when color fade. Use spray bottle.

Straight 'A', - $6.00 (150g)

Combined cleaner and sanitizer with more active ingredients that One Step, so it needs to be rinsed in warm water. Cleans with oxygen. Contains no chlorine, bisulphites, or phosphates. Superior wetting power penetrates and lifts soils from surfaces. Dissolve 1 tbsp (2 tbsp for more stubborn stain) in 4 litres of water. After every few brews, fermenter can be thoroughly clean using Straight A. Stainless pot too.

Sodium Percarbonate (280g) - $10.00

Clean equipment thoroughly. Dissolve 40g (1 capful weighs 10g) with 1 litre of hot water in fermenter then fill to the brim with cool water. Soak all other equipment overnight then rinse with hot water.

PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) 150g/5oz - $7.00

P.B.W. is a buffered alkaline detergent that has been proven to be more than an effective substitute for caustic soda cleaners. It is safe on skin as well as stainless steel, aluminum and plastics. Rinse with water. Recommended for kegs and bottles. Excellent in cleaning TAD bottles.

Potassium Metabisulfite 150g - $8.00
Campden Tablets (Potassium Metabisulfite) 50 tablets - $6.00

Prevents wild yeast and bacteria growth, and oxidation. To sterilise equipment use 50g in 1 litre water.

BLC (Beer Line Cleaner) 130ml/4.5oz - $7.50

Clean coils, beer lines, faucets and fittings. Removes beer stones, yeast, protein build-up. 1 tsp/ 2 litres if warm water. Keep solution in line for 15 min while cleaning other kegging parts eg. faucet, fittings. Rinse with potable water.

Bottle Spray (500ml) - $3.00

Spray on any equipment that come in contact with beer. Use One-Step or Iodophor for quick no-rinse sanitizing or other eg, Straight A, PBW or Coopers Sanitizer with min contact time before rinsing.



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