Friday, June 5, 2020
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Upgrade your first brewing experience:



Microbrew Kit (Standard) - $180

See details


Microbrew Kit (Basic Upgrade) - $200
Additional items:

1. Dry Malt Extract & Dextrose
2. Two small bags of hops
3. Nottingham yeast

Brewing Instructions


Microbrew Kit (Full Upgrade) - $290
Aditional items:

1. Dry Malt Extract & Dextrose
2. Two small bags of hops
3. Nottingham yeast
4. Cooling Jacket

Brewing Instructions

Optional : Distiiled water 1.5L X 12 bottles - $15 (pls indicate in your email)

Dry Malt



We have been in homebrew business for more than 6 years. From customer's feedbacks and our brewing experience, we learned a lot about helping people brew their first beer. We want to help you make a better beer not just the first time, but every subsequent batch. Therefore, we have put together small additions (optional upgrade) to the original content inside the box which we believe will give you a better quality while keeping the basic steps simple and easy to follow. See instructions.

Dry Malt Extract - Malt enhances taste and gives your beer a better mouthfeel.
Hops - Adds flavour and subtle aroma to the finish.
Nottingham yeast - Better fermenting ability and a crisp clear finish. A significant improvement over using yeast which come in the can.
Water - We want to highlight the importance of using good quality water. 90% of beer is water. We recommend distilled water for all beer kits. They come in 1.5L bottles, You need at least a carton of 12 bottles. Although, it is available in all supermarkets, this item is heavy and inconvenient to some people to get on their own. So we are making it available at $15 per carton of 12 bottles.

Having said all that, there is one more important factor to making good beer - temperature control. Most beer (Ale) ferment around 21 degree C. Air-conditioning is costly and refrigerator is too cold. Since the beginning of homebrewing introduction homebrewing here in Singapore, we have looked into finding simple, easy and effective ways to combat heat. We came up with 3 solutions - Cooling Jacket, Wine Fridge Cooler & Bar Fridge Cooler. The cost varies, but it is the best beer-making investment you can make.

A note about brewing temperature for Lager & Pilsner. You may have read somewhere that brewing of Lager & Pilsner require much lower temperature of 8 to 13C. This is true. However, you need to use a TRUE lager yeast to ferment at such low temprature. Example of true Lager yeasts are Saflager 34/70 & Wyeast Lager Strains. Unfortunately, brewing a true Lager beer with true lager yeast at such low temperature is easy. Lager beer can go "off-flavor" easily if not done properly. Therefore, we recommend brewing our Lager beer using nottingham yeast between 18 to 21C, which yield very good result.

For further enquiry, please call our hotline : 68733001

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