Monday, April 6, 2020
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Hoegaarden White Recipe

1 can Coopers Wheat beer 1.7kg

2 lb Dried Wheat Malt

1/2 oz Saaz Hops

10g Coriander seeds

20g Bitter Orange Peel (Curacua)

WYeast 3944 Belgium Wit

1 bag Carbonation Drops

Brew to 19 litres.


Recipe package: $72.00

Usual : $80.00


Known as "Bieres Blanches" in French, the white wheat beers from Belgium are brewed using about 50% wheat and conbination of spices, typically orange peel and coriander. The spiced white beer was revived by Pieter Celis in the Belgium town of Hoegaarden in 1966.

Hoegaarden, at 5% is a refreshing cloudy lemon coloured beer brewed from both wheat and barley malt. The sweet / sour and spicy taste and subtle hop bitterness and aroma makes it distinctively different from the usual pot. It also differs from German wheat beers by using the coriander and orange peel to give it the spicy fruity edge.

Yeast is very important in bringing out the unique character of Hoegaarden White beer. We insist on Liquid Wyeast 3944.


A day before brewing - Prepare 14 Litres of very cold clean water OR 6 Litres of ice. Make sure ice is made from clean water, in covered plastic containers.

Four hours before brewing - Smack wyeast pack. It will swell up after some time.

Start of Brewing - Place coriander seeds in a small pot and roast it lightly over fire until golden brown. Crack seeds with a roller and put it back in the steeping bag ready for use.
Soften can of Coopers Wheat beer in hot water for 5 min.


Use a big stock pot (min. 10Litres capacity) to dissolve 2lb of Dried Wheat Malt in 4 litres of tap or potable water. Stir until malt is completely dissovled. Place it over fire and bring to a full boil. *WATCH OUT FOR BOIL-OVER* (caution: boil-over is messy)

Add bag of coriander seed, orange peel and Saaz hop. Continue boiling for 10 minutes.

Turn off fire and remove all bags from pot. . Add Wheat beer can into pot and stir.

If you're using ice, dissolve in pot now. Otherwise, fill fermenter with prepared cold water then transfer wort from pot. Whichever, make sure you have total of 19 Litres.

Stir vigorously for 5 min. Pitch yeast. Maintain constant temperature. Best recommended at 21C.

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