Friday, June 5, 2020
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Electrical Box Cooler - $239

The NEW Fermentation Chiller is an electrical cooling can accurately regulate a perfect brewing temperature of 21C. Maintaining proper fermentation temperature is a crucial part of producing clean, high-quality homebrews. While simpler insulated boxes and other temperature-management techniques often work well, they can't regulate the temperature to a tee like this box. More ....

Foam Box Cooler - $80

Our simplest weapon to combat heat.
1. Grey foam box
2. Standard cover for storing beer bottles
3. Cover with special hole cut-out for fermenter
4. Four packs of reusable Coleman Brite Ice. More ....


Bar Fridge Cooler - $750

Homebrewer's dream. We converted a Bar fridge into a more versatile temperature control (between 0 to 30 C). This is the answer to Lagering. This cooler is all your need to ferment ale at various temperatures and crashing cooling.

Kegging Systems

Feeling dissatisfied with your bottled beer? Or simply sick of washing 30 bottles?Draft dispensing is not only the best way to store your beer but taste a whole better than bottled beer. No longer need to wait up to 2 weeks for the bottles. Kegging allows beer to be drank within 2 days after fermentation. Now you can start drinking like a PROF!. Click for more ..

Fermenters & Parts

Everything you need. Spigot, Lid, Airlock, Grommet and Thermometer etc.



You need : Valve + Bottles + CO2 cartridges

The best miniature kegging set up in the world. The Tap-A-Draft allows you to serve any carbonated beverage with all the benefits a simple Keg System gives. Superior taste compared to bottling Read more ........

Steeping Bag Small (7 X 9 cm) - 20 bags for $2.00
Steeping Bag Big (10 X11cm) - 20 bags for $3

Small bag can steep up to 1/2 oz of hop pellets. Big bag can hold up to 1 oz of pellet.

Muslin Bag - $1.20 each

For steeping of flower/leaf hops (max 2oz) or grain malt (max 1/2 kg)

Grain Bag (24 X 27 cm)- $2.00 each

For steeping and partial mashing grain malt (max hold 1 kg)

Wort Chiller

Wort Chiller (3/8" X 25 ft) - $89.00

Cool your hot wort down quickly. Comes with tubing and hose clips.



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