Friday, June 5, 2020
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Dimension : (L42 W42 H70) cm


For those who have been following the development of this product, we are proud to say that we have made further improvement to this cooling box.

Ice cooling is effective. However after some time, constant changing of ice can take the fun of brewing. The electrical cooling box runs on 12V DC current (power adaptor provided). It uses a thermal electric heat exchange device (see top of box) that provides enough cooling power to maintain a CONSTANT temperature of about 21C inside the box OR 10C below ambient temperature. The perfect brewing temperature for beer. It can also be used for secondary fermentation in glass carboy and conditioning of bottles. The cooler is designed with a bottom opening to allow easy loading, tight sealing and constant cooling without thermostat control.

We highly recommend this 'cool' hand-made cooler box for better beer. All you need to do is to place your fermenter on the base, close down with the top and switch on power.

If you like to assemble this fermenter chiller on your own, drop us an email. Raw material sold separately.


Parts for Electrical Cooling Box:

24 X 48 inch

2 inch :
1 inch :

High Insulation Board

Extruded Polystyrene. Easy to cut to sizes with just a pen knife. Alternatively, use an electrical jigsaw then sand it down. Provides good insulation and versatile.

You need : 1" board - 2pc, 2" board - 1 pc.

Thermal Assembly

Air to air heat exchange assembly. Unit consists of a heat extraction assembly plus a “cold sink” with 90 mm recirculation fan. Gap between the two heat sinks allows for 28 mm of insulation. Unit weighs almost 1,200 grams. IMPORTANT NOTE : From our experience, assembling your own thermal system is very tricky. We don't encourage you to attempt without enough knowledge. (Does not come with instructions).




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