Friday, June 5, 2020
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Box of 15 bottles - $25

Caps included. 740ml PET bottles, made for storing beer. With extra bottles, you can afford to age them up to 6 months!

Pet Bottle Seal Caps 30pc - $7.00

When using new caps make you you remove the cap ring from bottle or remove the cap ring from new caps before sealing.

Glass Bottle 660 ml Brand New (Amber)
Box of 36 - $45

Glass Bottle 360 ml Brand New (Amber)
Box of 33 - $30

Glass is still the best way to bottle for storage and age your beer. You need crown caps and a capper.


Bottle Tree - $56

Holds 45 bottles upside down to dry.

Agata Bench Capper - $80

Adjustable Capper. The best capper around.

Lever Capper - $45

A magnet holds the cap in place while the twin levers crimp it. This capper is fitted with springs that gives you an added leverage and smoother crimping motion.

Pound-on Capper - $15

The cheapest way to cap. With a steady hand and mallet, it can do the job just as well.

Standard Crown Caps
Bag of 100 - $7.00
Bag of 1000 - $65.00

Oxygen Absorbing Crown Caps
Bag of 100 - $11.00

Carbonator - $25.00

Goes on every soft drink plastic bottles. Natural carbonation with priming sugar (or carbonation drops) create sediment that clouds your beer when pouring. Here is a way to force-carbonate your bottle for better clarity. Or you can transfer beer from keg without losing carbonation. You need a CO2 gas tank with ball-lock connector.

Bottle Brushes - $7.00

It is very difficult to find bottle brush for glass bottles. We have to specially import these brushes with longer stem to reach the bottom of glass bottles. You can even bend (L) the 45cm brush for better reach in TAD bottles.



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