Friday, June 5, 2020
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4 more reasons to brew





Metric conversion:

1 oz = 28 gm
16 oz  = 1 lb
2.2 lb = 1 kg

1 teaspoon = 5 ml

1 tablespoon = 15 ml





Coopers DIY Beer Kit (NEW)


Welcome to Home Beer Brewing

We have the most comprehensive homebrew starter kit for any beginner. It is the Coopers Microbrew Kit. It is designed to give you everything you need to make 23 litres of your very own high quality, completely natural and great tasting beer. By following four simple steps (detailed instructions are supplied - Zip file 677kb), and in just 3 weeks, you will be drinking your first hand-crafted beer.
Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own special beer variety, free from additives and preservatives, easy to make, and it is fun! Most importantly, your beer is absolutely TAX FREE! Commercial Beer cost $8 /litre whereas Homebrew Beer cost $2 /litre (75% SAVINGS!)


Hurry! Start Brewing today! Know more ..


Local FREE Delivery. Cash Term with No GST
Size of box : L50cm, W35cm, H43cm Weight 8 kg
To order, pls send us an email or call 68733001

Supercharge your very first beer. Go for an UPGRADE Kit.



Coopers Homebrew Beer Concentrates

Beer Concentrate

These are the main ingredients of beer. We import them directly from Coopers Brewery. And to ensure that you get highest quality of freshness, all ingredients are cold stored at 2 degree C, up till the time of sale. That's why the we are the fastest growing seller of Coopers beer kits in the world. Made from the finest 2-row barley and with 143 years of brewing experience, Coopers has managed to get each of their premium quality beer into every can. Now you can brew and enjoy fresh quality beer anytime at home.

The Many Benefits Of Homebrewing:


  • Drink Driving - We all find drink driving unacceptable. Brew and drink at home and eliminate any possible risk of being ‘over the limit’.
  • Enjoy Quality Beers - Pure ingredients - hops, malt and yeast - and advanced brewing techniques means your beers can easily rate alongside the beer you buy in the pub.
  • Tax-free drinking - Homebrew Beer is Tax-free beer. Cost one-fifth of commercial beer. of A great way to economise without reducing the quantity or quality of the beer you drink.
  • Rewarding hobby - Brewing is easy, fun and rewarding - impress friends with your own beers, perform blind tastings, invite the neighbours round and have a homebrew party!
  • Brew to suit your circumstances - Few of us are in a position to go to the pub every night. Even if we wanted to, our domestic responsibilities usually rule it out as an option! Now you can enjoy a drink or two at home and everyone’s happy!
  • Caution : The legal limit of alcohol for drink driving is 35 mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, equvalent to just 2 mugs of beer. Within the legal limit of alcohol, one is till liable to be convicted for drink driving if he/she causes an accident. For more info

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